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Help Us Help Veterans

It's hard. I know.

As veterans we have trained to give our lives. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice and many of us have sacrificed and are still here to give all we can. As a veteran with PTSD, I know too well what my brothers and sisters have gone through. I am very proud of my service, not ashamed of my tears, and I will always give back until I can't. 

My name is John Lucero and I am a proud, retired Marine and blessed with a great life purpose - To Serve and Be Faithful. As part of my journey to healing, I created Semper Fi Sports to be able to give back. My whole life has been about service and I will always continue to serve others. You can help us help Veterans by donating here. 100% of donations received go to the Veterans and their organizations. We don't take fees or pay ourselves. We serve others and we are asking to please join us in helping others by donating today.

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